Press Page for Katie Ardea

Katie Ardea grew up in Alberta, on the Canadian prairies, but now lives in scenic Nova Scotia, on Canada’s East Coast. A keen hiker, gardener, and amateur photographer, she enjoys weaving the outdoors into her fiction, as well as featuring intriguing work and travel settings in her novels. Ardea loves to cook and bake and includes recipes for foods featured in her stories. After all, good food and a good story go hand in hand.

Ardea grew up writing stories, and in another persona has published nature and travel non-ficiton. Braver Than You Know is her debut novel, the first in her Prairie Hearts Series. A contemporary romance with inspirational elements, Braver Than You Know holds a breath of fresh air, a whisper of grace, and an enthralling taste of suspense. Ardea is now hard at work on the second Prairie Hearts novel.