What is an author’s business? To tell the truth.

An Author’s business is to tell the truth, even when creating imagined worlds. Characters must come to life. Settings must become reality in the reader’s mind. Action must propel the story on and on in total honesty, true to our imagined people and places and events. Without authors, our lives would be poorer. “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…The man who never reads lives only one.” (George R. R. Martin)

The goal of my writing is to provide readers with captivating, fascinating lives they can live through the characters and action in my books. I focus on romantic stories with an outdoor twist, a whisper of grace, and a riveting touch of suspense. Braver Than You Know, the first novel in my Prairie Hearts series, introduces readers to the Steele family and to Kimberley Colter, a wildlife photographer. Set in farming and ranching country on Turtle Mountain in southwestern Manitoba, Canada, it follows Kimberley’s developing relationship with cattle rancher Lincoln Steele. The novel is also about courage, about Kimberley and Lincoln facing up to their painful pasts and moving forward toward a place of healing. Here’s the back cover description:

She’s hunting her future. He’s got her in his sights.

Wildlife photographer Kimberley Colter wonders if she’ll ever be brave enough to go after dangerous animals again. Part of her died in the Rockies last year when a photo shoot turned into a nightmare. Now she’s trying to resurrect her career and move on with her life. But she’s hiding something.

Cattle rancher Lincoln Steele has lost a lot, including his marriage and chosen career. His top priority is to help his young son overcome an emotional trauma. During a chance encounter with a gorgeous photographer in the forest, he sees the instant connection between her and his son. And he can’t deny that he’s attracted to her, too. Trouble is, so is his best friend.

Drought grips Turtle Mountain and emotions soar as Kimberley and Lincoln come face to face with their painful pasts. The fight to overcome their fears and move to a place of healing takes every bit of courage in their hearts. She must choose where her future lies. Will it be with him?

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An Author’s Business

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