My COVID-19 Isolation Encourages Creativity

If there’s one good thing about COVID-19 isolation, it’s having large blocks of time to be creative. With no choir practices, piano lessons, church services, or Friday night badminton, I’ve been able to tackle several major writing projects. I revised a non-fiction manuscript and designed new covers for a travel memoir trilogy. I’m currently writing a new travel memoir and gathering scenes for my second Prairie Hearts novel. Whew! Plus, this week I’ll dive into learning about producing audio books. I would love to offer an audio version of Braver Than You Know and my non-fiction books to my readers! So for me, to date, COVID-19 isolation encourages creativity.

I might go stir-crazy

Here I am collecting sugar maple sap

Of course, at some point I might go completely stir-crazy, particularly since my husband is the designated shopper in our household. I haven’t seen anyone in person other than him since March 13, almost three weeks ago. At present I’m staving off cabin fever by sharing face time and virtual correspondence with family, friends, and writing colleagues. I also start my long writing days with stretches, rowing, and lifting weights and end them with a walk on our rural property. It’s maple syrup season here in northern Nova Scotia, so on most days, my husband and I spend an hour outdoors collecting sap from our sugar maples. We don’t own an ATV, so we haul tubs of sap home on a toboggan. Believe me, it’s great exercise, and the fresh air completely reenergizes me! Thankfully, we still have snow, so the toboggan works well. So far, we’ve produced ten litres of delicious maple syrup. (It takes forty litres of maple sap to produce one litre of syrup, so you get an idea of the work involved).

Hauling home the maple sap

A bookmark for “interesting times”

These “interesting times” are also perfect for reading. If you love to read and your brand of creativity leans toward needlework, check out this free crocheted bookmark pattern, brought to you by Rich Textures Crochet. The business owner is an old family friend, Sarah Thompson. And guess which book Sarah features along with the bookmark? Braver Than You Know! How to make a writer’s day!

Stay safe, everyone. In the midst of trying times, let your creative energy flow!

My COVID-19 Isolation Encourages Creativity

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